Graduate Regulations

Program Prerequisites

MBA Prerequisites

William Woods University takes pride in delivering the highest quality education and academic standards appropriate to Graduate level learning. In conjunction with this, the University maintains specific prerequisites for accounting, economics and finance. It is the responsibility of the students to complete these prerequisites by the end of the fourth course per each calendar course sequence and provide official documentation to the University. Satisfactory completion of the prerequisite can be met through one of the following venues:

  1. successful completion of the accounting, finance, and/or economics courses at the undergraduate level,
  2. Successful completion (90% or higher) of the accounting, economics, and/or finance module through MBA Primer ( , and subsequent transmission of the passing grade to the Academic Advisor before the beginning of the graduate level course.
  3. A student who does not complete the prerequisites by the end of the 4th course will be unable to register for any subsequent classes until all prerequisites are met. The inability to register will constitute an Academic Withdrawal, requiring the student to apply for reinstatement as outlined in the Readmission Policy.

Revised: 2/07/2011

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