Common Studies Detail

Social Science - 6 Credits

Taken before Fall 2002 at WWU by students enrolled full time: BUS 251, 252; PLG 204; SWK 103, 215

Students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Special Education must take BUS/ECN 251 or BUS/ECN 252.

Social Work majors must take either PSY 101 or 102; and SCA 111; and ECN 251 or 252.

Athletic Training majors must take PSY101.

Course # Course Title
ECN200 Introductory Projects
ECN251 Macroeconomics
ECN252 Microeconomics
ECN260 Introduction to Environmental Economics
LGS105 Politics & Government
LGS110 American Legal System
LGS200 Introductory Projects
LGS206 Political Theory
LGS207 Fundamentals of Legal Research & Writing
LGS210 Law, Ethics & Morality -ER
LGS215 Introduction to Criminal Justice
LGS302 American Jurisprudence
PSY101 General Psychology I
PSY102 General Psychology II
PSY200 Introductory Projects
PSY209 Child Development and Behavior
PSY221 Educational Psychology
PSY285 Psychology of Personality
SCA111 Introduction to Sociology
SCA200 Introductory Projects
SCA203 Aging in America - A New Generation
SCA207 Understndng Family Dynmcs & Dysfnct
SCA215 Social Welfare
SCA220 Social Movements of the 1960's
SCA226 Social Problems
SCA245 Ethics in Social Science-ER
SCA273 Crime Victimization in America


Academic Catalog 2009