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Juvenile Justice B.S.

In 1899, Illinois created the first juvenile court to deal exclusively with the problems of all "troubled" children - from lawbreakers to those abused or neglected. Today, although violent crime by juveniles is decreasing, more than 208 million juveniles are arrested annually and juvenile abuse and neglect continue to be serious problems. Our juvenile justice program will provide you with an opportunity to understand the social and legal problems related to juvenile justice through interdisciplinary coursework in law, social work, psychology and sociology. You will also have the opportunity to apply your educational experience to real life situations at either the on-campus youth facility or through other internship and work experience.

Course List - Total Hours: 45

Course # Course Title Hours
LGS110 American Legal System    3
LGS207 Fundamentals of Legal Research & Writing    3
LGS215 Introduction to Criminal Justice    3
LGS301 Juvenile Law & Procedure    3
LGS390 Internship I    3
LGS406 Juvenile Offenders    3
LGS408 Children & the Law    3
LGS415 Senior Seminar    3
SWK340 Child Abuse and Neglect    3

Any 3 hour appropriate Psychology course as approved by JUV advisor.


Required Electives

Elective Hours
Legal Studies Electives   3
May include PSY, SCA, SWK or other courses with approval.  

Academic Catalog 2008