Common Studies Detail

Cultural Diversity - 3 Credits

Taken before Fall 2002 at WWU by students enrolled full time: FRE 101, FRE 321; HIS 200/HUM 215 (Native America): ITP 105; SPA 101; PLS212

Students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Special Education must take GEO 201 or GEO 202.

Any Foreign Language or ASL I, II, III, IV, or V also meet this requirement.

Course # Course Title
GEO201 Regions and Nations of the World I
GEO202 Regions and Nations of the World II
HUM200 Introductory Projects
ITP120 Deaf Culture
ITP205 American Sign Language II
PHL102 World Religions
SCA353 Race and Ethnicity
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II


Academic Catalog 2007