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Incoming Freshman Scholarships and Awards

Whether you are a scholar, a legacy, an actor or an athlete (or all of the above!), William Woods University has freshmen scholarships for just about every passion and excellence. Read about our various scholarships below — some are awarded automatically upon acceptance and some require an application. Please, do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have.

Secure your scholarship - Apply and deposit early!

Lead Award

Increase your scholarship with the LEAD Award of $5,000 for residential students and $2,500 for commuter students per year!

Merit Scholarships

Amy Shelton McNutt (Full Tuition, Room and Board)

WWU Scholar (Full Tuition for Residential Students, 90% for Commuters)

Honors Program (Housing Award for four years)

Distinguished Scholar

Trustee Scholar

Presidential Scholar

Academic Excellence

Achievement Scholarships

Leadership Award

Cheerleading Award

Athletic Awards

Scholar-Athlete Awards

Performance Scholarships

Specific criteria – such as an interview, portfolio, essay, etc. must be submitted for consideration of these awards.

American Sign Language Interpreting


Equestrian Science

Art Education, Graphic Design or Studio Arts

Theatre and Theatre Education

Other William Woods Awards

LEAD Award

A+ Award

Legacy Award

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships require a unique application process. Please apply through the link under each scholarship to learn more.

Missouri Boys/Girls State Participant Award Application

Missouri Boys/Girls State Leaderships Award Application

Callaway County Alumni Association Scholarship Application

Disciples of Christ Grant Application

Fulton College Board of Associates Application

Lowry Aid Fund Scholarship Application

William S. & Pearl E. Lowe Scholarship Application