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Joshua Clark

Joshua Clark

Hometown:  Cambridge, New Zealand

Major: Exercise Science

Minor: Sports Management


Why did you choose William Woods?

When I was transferring from my junior college, I got in contact with the William Woods soccer coach and came for a visit. It wasn’t my first choice, but once I arrived I fell in love with this place. The people were so welcoming and even though I was here for a day they made me feel a part of the team — a part of the school. The welcoming presence is what brought me to The Woods.

Campus Involvement

Men's soccer

A few questions with Josh:

What is your favorite thing about William Woods?

The small close-knit community, where you can walk around and talk with everyone on your way to class, but it’s big enough that you can get away from everyone when you need space.

Why did you want to be a University Ambassador?

I wanted to take on a working role while in college to slowly prepare myself for the life outside of university. I'm in my final year and will soon just be focusing on grades, so I want to push myself to take a harder workload and try and take as much as I can from WWU’s opportunities.

What is your favorite thing to do in Fulton?

Explore - it's such a small town surrounded by bigger cities with very beautiful attractions and hidden gems dotted around. It's nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of school life and go and do something new and different.

What is your favorite memory from WWU?

Rushing Pike.