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Emily Gast

Emily Gast

Hometown: St. Peters, MO

Major: Special Education


Why did you choose William Woods?

I chose William Woods because I loved the feeling of being on a small campus. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly (as they still are to this day!). Each time that I visited, the students on campus remembered me and made me feel welcome. I felt the most at home when I came to William Woods.

Campus Involvement

Active Minds, Alpha Chi Omega, Rotaract Club, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow

A few questions with Emily:

Why did you want to be a University Ambassador?

I wanted to be a University Ambassador because my experience with tour guides had varied from the other colleges that I had visited. At William Woods, my tour guides were exceptional, while at other schools they seemed as if it was just a job to them. I loved talking about William Woods to my friends and family, so I decided I should spread my love and experiences on the campus with other perspective students.

What is your favorite thing to do in Fulton?

My favorite thing to do in Fulton is to get frozen yogurt from Lulu’s with my friends.

What is your favorite memory from WWU?

My favorite memory from William Woods would be when my sorority sisters and I decided to play sand volleyball one night for fun. We played music, played volleyball, and had many laughs.