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Emily Barker

Emily Barker

Hometown:  Chino Hills, CA

Major: Business Administration and Equine General Studies

Minor: Equestrian Science


Why did you choose William Woods?

I chose William Woods University because of the vibrant and small scale atmosphere the university offers. William Woods feels like a home away from home that allows me to explore and discover hands-on experience in my desired major and minors, while developing professional and helpful relationships with all my professors.

Campus Involvement

Student Alumni Council, Saddle Seat Club, The Hoot, National Society of Leadership and Success

A few questions with Emily:

What is your favorite thing about William Woods?

My favorite thing about William Woods is the inviting atmosphere that you feel all around campus. I love walking to class or walking to Tucker and feeling as though I belong. Everyone at William Woods is so genuine and positive; it truly makes the campus more fun when people walk past you and are always smiling and saying "hello".

Have you had any internships?

I recently did an internship during the summer of 2017. I interned at a barn in Sheridan, IN called Select Show Horses with Kellie and Dalton Budd. I received the opportunity to do this internship through a recommendation by Gayle Lampe, a professor on campus. I am forever grateful to Gayle for presenting me with the opportunity to intern with the Budds because I was able to learn so much and establish lifelong friends and great connections.

Why did you want to be a University Ambassador?

I wanted to be a University Ambassador because I remember my UA tour guide so well from when I came and toured the school. She was a great tour guide and was so upbeat and positive. Her eagerness and devotion to the university definitely swayed me to attend. I wanted to be that tour guide, like Shelby was for me, that showed the greatness of William Woods and helped show people that William Woods is the right place to go.

What is your favorite thing to do in Fulton?

My favorite thing to do in Fulton is to go downtown to the Brick District and eat some frozen yogurt at LuLu’s with my sorority sisters or friends! It’s also fun to just walk around the Brick District and look at all the different little stores.

What is your favorite memory from WWU?

One of my favorite memories and my favorite LEAD event at William Woods, was the hypnotist. I have been to this LEAD event twice now and have always had a fantastic time. Last year, I had three sorority sisters participate in the event and were hypnotized and it was so hilarious! We still laugh about it!