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Bryce Fletcher

Hometown: Saint Charles, MO

Major: Biology/Pre-Med

Minors: Psychology, Chemistry, Physics


Why did you choose William Woods?

I chose to attend William Woods because of its strong academic reputation and its close proximity to my home. During the time I have spent here, I have come to truly appreciate the small class and campus size. The professors are truly amazing people and educators that challenge me to take my understanding to the next level, giving me an excellent foundation for when I go off and apply for medical school.

Campus Involvement

Student Alumni Council, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, Women's Volleyball Manager, Campus Activities Board, Tri Beta, Forensics Team, Honors Program

A few questions with Bryce:

What are your favorite things about William Woods?

My favorite thing about William Woods is the sense of community there is on campus. It is impossible to walk to class and not see at least three or four of your friends around. It is so easy to just sit down at a table at Tucker with a person you haven't had the chance to talk to, and make a new friend.

Have you had any internships?

Not yet!

Why did you want to be a University Ambassador?

I wanted to be a University Ambassador because of the University Ambassador I had on my tour, Hannah. She gave me a tour, and six months later when I came to register for class, she remembered exactly who I was. She made an effort to share how passionate she was about this University and made an awesome personal connection, and that's something I want to share with others as well.

What is your favorite thing to do in Fulton?

My friends and I are constantly going to get food, so we're always exploring Fulton for great places to grab a bite to eat.

What is your favorite memory from WWU?

My favorite memories will always be the things we did in the dorms. Whether it was making grilled cheese with an iron, studying all night for final, or hallway Nerf gun fights, the dorms are definitely one of the highlights of my experience here.