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Brianna Goecke

Hometown: Audubon, IA

Major: EQGS and Business Administration


Why did you choose William Woods?

I chose William Woods after researching many Equestrian schools and deciding that this was definitely the one for me.

Campus Involvement

Chi Omega Sorority, Western Club, Cru

A few questions with Brianna:

What are your favorite things about William Woods?

I love the family-like atmosphere that comes with being at William Woods. Whether you are walking to class or looking for a friend to head to the dining hall with, you are sure to find that family of friends at this school like I did. It’s my home away from home.

Have you had any internships?

No, but yes. I worked for a horse trainer over the summer at my hometown and learned so much even though I do not plan on training horses. This summer I have an internship/job at a ranch as a wrangler and am very excited for that experience.

Why did you want to be a University Ambassador?

I love meeting and working with people. I also transferred here from a very nice, large university, so I truly want to tell those potential students that consider William Woods how great and unique this university is compared to others if that is a concern of theirs. I want to show people their potential here.

What is your favorite thing to do in Fulton?

I enjoy going to Bek's for a nice dinner or going on evening runs in the fall/spring. What is your favorite memory from WWU? My favorite memory is joining my sorority house because I found my home away from home with my sisters at Chi Omega. Another great memory is riding and working with the horses.