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Biology Concentration in Pre-Veterinary

Get ahead of the herd.

Graduate schools for Veterinary Medicine are competitive, but William Woods University prepares its pre-veterinary students well. A popular program at William Woods University, we experience a high acceptance rate for students who have applied to colleges of veterinary medicine across the country.

Take advantage of the William Woods University Center for Equine Medicine, which houses a full time doctor of veterinary medicine. A partnership like this with William Woods University equestrian degrees benefits equestrian and biology students both — gaining the kind of real experience they need before heading to vet school. You can participate in hands-on classroom work, assisting and learning from the received health care, including routine care, diagnosis and treatment of William Woods University’s nearly 200 horses.

Study includes all of the additional coursework you need so that your prerequisites are met for acceptance into an accredited veterinary program, including biochemistry, physics, genetics, calculus or statistics, and more. You and your advisor will work together to ensure all specific requirements are met for your top-choice vet school.

Our Pre-Veterinary degree at work 

Become a doctor of veterinary medicine practicing general veterinary medicine, or specialize in dentistry, emergency and critical care, anesthesia, pathology, surgery, zoology and more. Pursue expertise in certain animal species such as equine, large animal, feline/canine, avian and more. You may also pursue a career as a veterinary technician or assistant.

No matter which way you want to work with animals, William Woods pre-vet concentration will make sure you are ready to take on the nation’s top veterinary programs.


The biology concentration in pre-vet includes coursework in microbiology, organic chemistry and biochemistry, veterinary medicine and reproduction, and more.

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