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Bachelor of Science (BS) in History Education

Use the past to shape the future.

History asks us to look behind so that we can move ahead with greater clarity. It tells us not to settle for easy answers, but to dig deeper – to explore the complexities, the mysteries, the consequences and the victories of the past and use that knowledge to analyze the present and improve the future. As a history education major, you will not only learn these essential skills, but will be able to pass them on to future generations.

The William Woods University Bachelor of Science in History Education program allows you to learn the details of social, political, economic and cultural histories as well as the nuances of how to teach that material effectively to your future classroom on the secondary education level. Curriculum is broken into history content knowledge and pedagogical skills, taught by professors who have acquired years of experience and are ready to share their knowledge.

In conjunction with this degree you will take coursework to earn your Secondary Education Certification, which is required to teach social studies courses at the middle school and high school levels.

Special opportunities

  • Learn the skills necessary to explain and interpret events and ideas in history, develop compelling arguments, evaluate evidence and summarize information succinctly, and find solutions to complex problems
  • Gain hands on experience through participating in service learning activities such as tutoring, practical learning labs as well as two semester-long clinical experiences in Missouri public schools and 14 weeks of student teaching
  • Join the international honor society in education, Kappa Delta Pi, where teachers and future teachers come together or join Phi Alpha Theta, the long-standing international honor society for history
  • Attend campus events and symposiums and have the opportunity to interact with historians from William Woods University as well as other institutions
  • Prepare for graduate study in education, curriculum and instruction, administration and more

Career opportunities

The history education program will thoroughly prepare you to teach social studies courses to grades 9-12, including subjects such as world history, American history, geography, political science, psychology and/or sociology.

Our graduates have gone on to teach in Fulton Public Schools, Mexico Public Schools and other districts across Missouri.


The Bachelor of Science in History Education degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation—including 18 core major credits, 30 credits of required electives, as well as the additional 46 credit hours needed for Secondary Education Certification. A foreign language is not required.

Education majors must complete all major courses, including secondary certification courses, with a final grade of ‘C’ or better.

Information on the curriculum, policies and requirements of the university’s Teacher Education Program and of its teacher certification process is available in the Teacher Education Program handbook. View the handbook here »

In order for students to be certified, they must complete the Missouri Education Gateway Assessments. You may find more information at

Students interested in becoming certified to teach in other states need to follow these program requirements and be recommended for Missouri certification by the Certification Officer. They must then check other states requirements to learn about transfer policies. More information can be found at


The Bachelor of Science in History Education degree at William Woods University consists of 122 distinct credit hours for graduation—including 18 core major credits, 30 required elective credits. Students must also complete the requirement for Secondary Certification, 46 hours.

Courses you may take


Western Civilization I



Western Civilization II



History of the United States I -H



History of the United States II -H



Politics & Government -S



General Psychology I



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