Athletic Training

Myra Belshe"My professors in the athletic training program were professional and personable. They took the time to get to know me and my learning style. They have the real-life experience to learn from, in addition to the book knowledge. They have inspired me to continue my education to attain my master’s degree while working as a graduate assistant for Peak Performance Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy in Columbia, Mo. I hope to one day inspire and encourage athletic training students in the same manner." Myra Belshe, ATC, LAT athletic training graduate

Kathryn Buehrle"The faculty and staff in the division of human performance really care about the students. They take the time to know each student–their hobbies, background and hopes and goals for the future–and they go out of their way to help them prepare for and achieve those goals. It's a lot easier to go on job interviews when the entire division is rooting for you, and to do well on those interviews with the hands-on experience and unique education you receive at William Woods. You're not just getting a good education; you're getting a running start on your future with a lot of support, guidance and encouragement from professionals who have already been there." Kathryn Buehrle, athletic training graduate

Exercise Science

Abbey Stock"The professors in my department were helpful in providing the resources and hands-on experience I needed to succeed. Without their assistance in the exercise science program, I would not have had the quantity and quality of job offers I was fortunate to have upon graduation. They truly cared about not only my education and experiences at William Woods, but what was best for me personally." Abbey Stock, exercise science graduate

Physical Education

TJ Quick"The faculty and staff in the physical education department made my time at William Woods an enjoyable experience. They are very flexible and were willing to spend extra time with me. I played softball at William Woods and had to miss class, but the professors never had a problem catching me up. It could have been easy for me to get behind, but with the support of the education department and human performance department, I stayed on top of my studies. I was nervous about student teaching in my own physical education classroom, but my professors prepared me. WWU has prepared me for the educational world and I can now go into an interview confident in my abilities as an educator." TJ Quick, physical education graduate

Sports Management

Bradley Prasuhn"At first I was not sure about the sports management program, but after taking my first class, my mind was made up. The professors were not only very passionate about the program, but also about their students. Because of my classroom experience and knowledge gained in the program I was fortunate to work for the American Junior Golf Association in Atlanta for two summers. I thought I knew sports; that was until I started the sports management program. I now have a better appreciation for everyone in the sports field, as well as being much more knowledgeable myself." Bradley Prasuhn, sports management graduate

Laura Burg"I wouldn't be in this career if it weren't for WWU. Because the classes were smaller, I had a great relationship with my teachers. My academic advisor actually inspired me to choose sports management as my major. As a college athlete, I wanted to find a way to stay involved with sports after my playing career was over. Sports management was the perfect choice. My advisor helped me search different careers for a sports management major and helped me find a graduate school that would further my education and experience."Laura Maxwell Burg, sports management graduate, now intramural and kid's camp coordinator for Campus Recreation Services at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz.