About Service-Learning

Service-Learning is a teaching and learning methodology that colleges, universities, and schools from pre-K to 12th grade are using all around the world to enhance course content, engage students in experiential learning, & promote community involvement.

Academic Service-Learning unites service-learning with classroom learning. This teaching methodology encourages students to obtain new skills / knowledge while simultaneously meeting course objectives & serving their community and afterwards reflect on both the service provided & the learning that took place.

Co-Curricular Service-Learning does not have to have ties to the classroom, but still combines service objectives with learning objectives. It encourages self-reflection, self-discovery, and the acquisition and comprehension of values, skills, and knowledge content via service.

Service (also referred to as "civic engagement") allows the provider of the service to lend a hand to a person, group of people, or agency but does not ask the provider of that service to reflect on or learn from their work. It is an outlet for one to give back to their community.


To host a student-centered and professions-oriented program that encourages, promotes, and supports the William Woods campus community and the Fulton / Callaway County communities in the use of academic service-learning as a teaching and learning methodology and service-learning and service as ways to foster and support civic engagement and applied learning.


To be a valuable, reliable resource and support to both the campus community and the Fulton / Callaway County communities in regards to academic service-learning, service-learning, and service via establishing and maintaining definitions, policies, procedures, resources, and networking for and with WWU and the community (local, national, and international).

Examples of Service-Learning

Service / Civic Engagement

Students volunteer to work with children on their reading skills at a local elementary school.

Co-Curricular Service-Learning

A student club volunteers at a local elementary school, working with the children on their reading skills, and are asked by their club advisor to reflect on the service provided. These questions could be related back to a central theme the student is exploring such as: "Describe how service and leadership are interconnected."

Academic Service-Learning

The professor of EDU 393 Teaching Elementary Reading asks her students to apply what they are learning by volunteering at a local elementary school, working with children on their reading skills. After they serve, they are asked to reflect on it & connect it to their EDU 393 course's objectives. Each party mutually benefits from the experience

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