Alan Arthur"Dr. Spratt and the biology department prepared me to handle every challenge I encountered in my post-graduate studies. I had a strong advantage over other students." Alan Arthur, a WWU graduate, who enrolled in an accelerated dual-degree pharmacy program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, leading to both Pharm.D. and master of business administration degrees

Christy DeMarco"William Woods University played an integral role in not only my acceptance into veternary school, but also in shaping me into a capable, confident veterinarian. The biology progam at WWU features some of the best professers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. They are genuinely interested in each student's individual success." Christy McPherson DeMarco, D.V.M., a WWU graduate who graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri, now a veterinarian in Liberty, Mo.


Jennifer Sydow"I absolutely love my job, and it was my internship at WWU that led me to the field of forensic psychology. My education at William Woods completely prepared me for my graduate education. I initially was nervous about how prepared I would be for the rigorous graduate program I chose, but I came to realize that I was better prepared than most other people in my classes." Jennifer Sydow, psychology graduate who earned a master's degree from University of Denver, now a psychology associate I in the Virginia Department of Corrections

Michelle Kemp"A degree in psychology has provided me with important professional and life skills. While I do not work directly in a psychology-related field, I find myself applying the knowledge that I gained through my college education to every facet of my professional and personal life. The psychology program at William Woods provides a foundation of knowledge that is a real asset in a professions-oriented workplace. As a result of my education, I have a greater understanding of the motivations and perspectives of those around me and have an enhanced ability to convey my perspective in such a way as to have it positively received. Regardless of what one ultimately chooses to do after graduation, a degree in psychology has applications to those choices." Michelle Stephens Kemp, psychology graduate, Faber & Brand Law Firm


Kyle Proebsting"Being a math major at William Woods was a great experience for me. The class sizes were small, which made it feel more personal, and it was easy for us to get a lot of one-on-one help from professors. These small classes also prepared me for my graduate studies by allowing me ample time and opportunity to grasp the information." Kyle Proebsting, mathematics graduate and Maryville University graduate student in actuarial science