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Online Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

More than a first step — it’s the start of a relationship.

You know that an Associate Degree is the first critical step towards the best career options, and that getting an Associate Degree online can be a convenient and affordable way to move ahead. And if that degree is the William Woods University online Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, it can be even more than that.

William Woods University offers an online Associate Degree that exposes you to the university’s rigorous general education curriculum, with courses that have been formatted at an accelerated pace to get you on track toward a new career and continued education faster.

The online Associate degree in Liberal Arts also exposes you to an extraordinary academic community comprised of expert faculty members who will engage you, care about your academic goals, and encourage you to collaborate with your peers for a more in-depth, interactive learning experience. This online program can be the beginning of a relationship with some talented and unique mentors, one that will continue to flourish long after you’ve finished your 61 credit hours of study and earned your degree.

Your Liberal Arts degree at work

An Associate Degree is the first rung in the ladder for many jobs. It can give you the edge in hiring and salary for entry-level positions in the business world. As such, it can help you support yourself as you reach for the next rung — the Bachelor Degree. Completing the 61-credit-hour Associate program qualifies you for admission into one of our degree-completion programs and meets William Woods University’s general education requirements.


  • Communication (course with ‘C’ designation in title) – 9 hrs
  • Creativity & Aesthetic Sensibility (course with ‘A’ designation in title) – 3 hrs
  • Critical Thinking (course with ‘T’ designation in title) – 3hrs
  • Cultural Diversity (course with ‘D’ designation in title) – 3 hrs
  • Historical Perspectives (course with ‘H’ designation in title) – 6 hrs
  • Mathematics (course with ‘M’ designation in title) – 3 hrs
  • Meaning (course with ‘L’ designation in title) – 3 hrs
  • Natural Science (course with ‘N’ designation in title) – 7 hrs (must complete at least one lab)
  • Social Science (course with ‘S’ designation in title) – 3 hrs
  • Value (course with ‘E’ designation in title) – 3 hrs
  • Electives – 18 hrs (Any course with a ‘C’,’A’,’T’,’D’,’H’,’M’,’L’,’N’,’S’ or ‘E’ designation in the title.) *Enrollment in ENG099, MAT098 and MAT099 at WWU is based on performance in voluntary placement examinations (see above). Students with credit for ENG101 may not take ENG099 afterward and receive elective credit toward the A.A. degree. Students who have met the degree’s Mathematics requirement may not take MAT098 or MAT099 afterward and receive elective credit toward the A.A. degree.

    Courses may only meet one A.A. degree requirement.



Introduction to Ethics


Your digital classroom. Available anywhere.

William Woods online graduate programs are available to students across the country. From our main campus in Fulton, Missouri and beyond, our online graduates hail from California, Illinois, Kansas, Washington, Arkansas and many more.

One more thing

This is a liberal arts degree — which means that it’s your opportunity to explore a broad range of courses and career paths, learn about what excites you, and shape your focus on future academic endeavors and career goals. It’s the perfect time to discover. And William Woods University is the perfect place.