Guidelines for Project Proposals

Faculty Information

Mentor-Mentee Program Description

A Mentor-Mentee Project is a collaborative, original and academic/creative venture embarked upon jointly by a faculty member and a WWU student. Primarily, this program is designed to aid the faculty member with his/her research. with student assistance and modest monetary support. It is also an opportunity to work closely with a student as a young pre-professional, in a collegial relationship, in one’s own academic area; and has the potential of shaping the student’s future career. For the student, it is an opportunity not only to distinguish her/himself on applications to professional or graduate schools or employment, but to experience as an apprentice, a bit of what work in that profession would be like. Rewards to both student and faculty member are exceptional and unique.


Mentor-Mentee proposals are open to all regular faculty and are encouraged from all disciplines. Faculty and students are requested to follow the guidelines below for submission of a proposal. Students may be chosen either by 1) the faculty member inviting a particular student to consider the project, or 2) a student initiating a request to be considered

Faculty Guidelines for Submitting a Mentor-Mentee Proposal

Topic and Participants

Title of Proposal, Discipline(s), Faculty Member, Student Participant (if already known)


  1. Nature of the project - What do you propose to do? What are the goals? Briefly describe the project. Uniqueness of the project & level of originality
  2. Methodology - How do you plan to accomplish your goals? What resources will you use, e.g. art media, special equipment or machines, animals, human subjects, library resources? Anticipated timeline.
  3. Outcomes - Proposed 9-12 month outcomes. What method(s) do you propose for sharing the outcomes of this project with the WWU and/or wider community? (e.g. exhibit, presentation, poster, publication at Scholarship Day, professional meeting, etc.)
  4. Student requirements - Prerequisites in discipline that student must have. Hours per week expected of student. Prior preparation, if any, required of student.
  5. Nature of the collaboration - Detail the responsibilities and opportunities for the student in this project.
  6. Budget - If financial support is requested, include a detailed estimated budget.

Completion of the Project

A summary of the project will be compiled and filed for University archives.

Student Information

Student Participants

Mentor-Mentee projects are open to application by all students regardless of race, gender, age, class, or full/part time status. Students should possess the attributes and characteristics typically associated with success in scholarship and/or creative endeavor: e.g. persistence, maturity, intellectual capacity, independence, academic accomplishment, initiative, and the capacity to work within a meaningful collaborative structure. Typically, students will be of upper division status (juniors/seniors) when participating in the project. In addition, the student should: 1) have a high degree of interest in the project 2) be willing and able to spend a minimum of 5-10 hours per week on the project 3) have a minimum cumulative 3.0 G.P.A.

Student Selection Process

  1. Selection of a student for a project may be initiated by either the student applying for a publicized potential project, or by the faculty member inviting a particular student to apply.
  2. Completion of a letter of interest to the faculty member in whose project the student is interested, indicating (a) why you are interested in participating in this project (b) what you hope to gain by participating in project (c) past experiences with project related area (d) the amount of time available to work on the project per week.
  3. Interview with faculty member.
  4. Upon approval of the project by the selection committee, the Mentor will be informed.

Completion of the Project

It is expected that students will complete the project by the end of the academic year for which their proposal has been accepted. Completion of the project includes sharing the project results with the WWU and/or wider community in a form appropriate to the discipline and approved by the Mentor, such as an exhibit, poster, presentation or publication. Opportunities for this include presenting a L.E.A.D. event, Scholarship Day, professional meetings in one’s discipline at the state, regional, or national level, etc.

Honorarium and Transcript Notation

Upon completion of the project, sharing of results in an approved format, and verification by the Mentor-Mentee Committee, students will receive an honorarium of $1000. Students completing the project will have the project noted on their official WWU transcript for the semester in which the project is completed.

Stipends and Financial Support

Mentors participating in Mentor-Mentee projects will receive a stipend of $1000.00 per project year.

Mentees participating in the program will receive a stipend of $1000.00 upon completion of the project. Completion of the project entails sharing the results of the creative/research endeavor with the University and/or wider community. Financial Support up to $250.00 per project is available for projects

Selection Process

Mentor-Mentee projects will be approved by a committee of up to 5 faculty appointed by the Academic Dean.