Commencement Stream for Mac Users

Flip4Mac will allow you to view a Windows Media Stream on a Mac computer.

Installing Flip4Mac

Quit all QuickTime applications (Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Flip Player, QuickTime Player,etc.) and follow these steps:

  1. Download the DMG file from the links above.
  2. Locate the DMG file in your Downloads folder.
  3. Double-click the disk image file to mount the disk image.
  4. Click and drag Flip Player icon into the Applications folder.
  5. If you are installing Flip4Mac, double-click Flip4Mac.pkg icon, and follow the steps to install both Flip4Mac and Flip Player software.
  6. Relaunch your Web browser and QuickTime applications.  If both Flip Player and Flip4Mac are installed, there will be a Flip Player application and Flip4Mac folder in your Mac Applications folder, otherwise only the Flip Player application will be present. You can run Flip Player at any time by double-clicking the application icon. You can drag the icon to your dock for easy access in the future.

Opening the Commencement Stream

  1. To open a movie stream in Flip Player, select File > Open Stream, enter a valid URL (located below) for the stream source, then click Open.
  2. URL to view the stream: mms://

Uninstalling Flip4Mac

To remove Flip4Mac and Flip Player from your computer when both are installed, follow these steps:

  1. In the Finder, open the Applications > Flip4Mac folder.
  2. Double-click Flip4Mac Uninstaller.pkg and follow the instructions.
  3. Relaunch your Web browser and QuickTime applications.