Nickol Enss"I have always been interested in English and equally interested and dedicated to writing academically, creatively and journalistically. William Woods University has given me the opportunity to explore all of my interests in English through the English Honors Society (Sigma Tau Delta), Writer's Ink and by providing me with an internship writing articles for the office of university relations. I am grateful for the support and sincere concern for my academic career from the professors of the English department." Nickol Enss, English major

Leah Strid"I chose to attend William Woods University because I felt the one-on-one attention I would receive from small classes would be most beneficial for me in my professional life, and I have never regretted it. In my field of study, rarely did I have to sit through hours of boring lecture classes. Many of my classes were hands-on. Instead of reading about grant proposals and writing mock proposals, my class wrote several real grant proposals, one of which resulted in the university receiving a telescope. As a sophomore, I was able to write articles published in the school newspaper. I got much more practical application for my skills than I would have at a larger university. I also loved that I could walk across campus and pass a professor that I took one class with three years ago, and they still knew my name. Everyone here genuinely cares about helping you succeed in whatever you put your mind to." Leah Hohmeier Strid, English graduate


Courtney Yantes"In pursuing a history degree, I was given the opportunity to explore life and history beyond the four walls of the classroom. I was given the opportunity to establish a broad foundation on which I could build my future. I was given the freedom to explore historical events and topics that mattered to me, and I was challenged to view history from a variety of perspectives." Courtney Yantes, history graduate

Krystal Bennett"The history department provides a great learning atmosphere with small upper-level classes and a lot of one-on-one interaction with professors. At William Woods you don't just learn history in the classroom, you get to experience it hands-on through internships or visiting local sites, which has given me great educational experience." Krystal Bennett, history graduate

Political/Legal Studies

Adam Patchett"I have attended three higher education institutions and I can honestly say that I think a young person looking to go to college would be hard pressed to find a better school academically than William Woods. WWU has the small community feeling, where members of the administration and faculty care about your overall success." Adam Patchett, political/legal studies graduate and Oklahoma City University School of Law graduate, now an attorney at Powell, Bush & Patchett, L.L.C. in Columbia, Mo.

Lisa Bass"Throughout my time in law school, I realized how much William Woods had actually helped me in my studies. Many of the students that I knew in law school did not have the opportunities that I had at WWU. The personal attention from a private institution is priceless. I now value the skills that I have learned from the professors and am glad now that the papers and finals were a challenge. When I compare my writing capabilities against others in this top tier law school, I was more than competitive." Lisa M. Bass, political/legal studies graduate and graduate of American University Washington College of Law