English Major

Pile of BooksAs an English major, you can concentrate on literature, creative writing, professional and technical writing, film studies or English education. Regardless of the concentration area, students who earn a bachelor’s degree in English develop the skills that many businesses consider when hiring new personnel: excellent communication skills, analytical thinking, creativity and self-management abilities. Many students who earn a degree in English work for publishing companies, marketing and advertising agencies, libraries, financial institutions and the entertainment industry. A major in English is also excellent preparation for a variety of graduate programs.

Students who major in English at WWU take a core group of courses in English. In addition, they choose one of the concentration areas below.


Film Studies

Students cultivate the skills and abilities necessary to pursue graduate degrees and careers in filmmaking or film scholarship.


These classes ask what books mean; they explore symbolism, cultural relevance and the written word as an art form. Reading reveals writers, readers and cultures.

Professional and Technical Writing

Employers seek clear writers, and this concentration teaches that. Write collaboratively, revise effectively and succeed.

Creative Writing

Writing for expression means that you’ve got something inside that needs to be said. Small classes, creative assignments and focused readings help unearth and craft your story.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in English comprises 33 credits, requires a minor and a year of college level foreign language. Majors associated with the bachelor of arts are most appropriate to students seeking a liberal-learning, pre-professional or graduate school orientation.