Honors Program Curriculum Structure

To build community among the participants and make connections with faculty, students complete the program as a cohort, taking the required courses together and in sequence.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

WWU101 Honors Connections: 1 credit

Students cover topics on university issues, research methodology, leadership, and civic engagement to help prepare them for their academic career.

HUM107 Critical Thinking: 3 credits

The course is an examination of the distinction between correct and incorrect reasoning, and receive instruction and practice in strategies for presenting, analyzing, and evaluating argumentation and reasoning. The course fulfills the Common Studies requirement for critical thinking.

Spring Semester

Two Common Studies courses. The courses are designated by H in the registration schedule.

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

HUM240 Toward a Life of Service: 3 credits

Students explore the interactions between philosophy and practice in the realm of community service.

Spring Semester

PHL212 Ethics: 3 credits

An historical introduction through reading of the great moral philosophers in the western tradition, with a focus on theories of value, obligation, and responsibility. Particular topics include hedonism, utilitarianism, egoism, relativism, subjectivism, emotivism, nihilism, naturalism, intuitionism, divine command ethics and contract theories, figures include: Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Bentham, Kant, Mill, and Nietzsche.

Junior Year

Semester is determined by major programs

Enhanced Course in the Major: 3 - 4 credits

Each major has an enhanced course for honors credit. Typically, students are provided additional opportunities to develop analysis, creativity, and critical thinking. The courses are designated with an H in the registration schedule.

Senior Year

Fall Semester

WWU401 Honors Senior Seminar: 1 credit

Senior seminar provides students an opportunity to focus on their final projects, share their research, reflect on their leadership activities, and prepare for graduate school and employment.