Saddle Seat

Jennifer Holdren"William Woods has a unique equestrian program because you not only get a great education from your instructors, but also from your peers. I do not know of another university where so much knowledge is at your fingertips and everyone is willing to share it. That is why I and everyone I know came here; to further our education in training and instructing." Jennifer Holdren, equestrian science major Louisville, Ky.


Alison Gay"I have so much respect for Linda McClaren as my teacher and mentor. I have enjoyed every class and all of the amazing horses I have been given the chance to learn from and work with. The Mentor-Mentee program was an incredible honor to participate in and I am thankful for the dedication and time put into the program by the faculty." Alison Gay, equestrian science graduate, Ireland


Erin Ackley"William Woods put my equine career on the fast track to success. I would not be where I am today as a dressage trainer and instructor, without The Woods Way." Erin Ackley, equestrian science graduate Kentwood, Mich.


Jessica Tongen"Before coming to William Woods, I had minimal show background. Here I gained more knowledge and realized that showing was something I really wanted more experience doing. With the help of excellent instructors and a lot of hard work, I was able to show one of the WWU western horses at Pinto World in Tulsa, Okla." Jessica Tongen, equestrian science major Lake City, Minn.