Proficiency Testing Information

The annual Proficiency Testing for intended Equestrian Science (EQS) majors is held during Spring semester. Any student who is a second-semester sophomore with a minimum of 36 hours of earned college credit may take the test and the test may be repeated annually until it is passed. Passing the Proficiency Test is a prerequisite for official declaration of the EQS major at WWU. The Proficiency Test is designed to ensure that all EQS majors enter the upper level coursework for the major with a minimum level of proficiency in all of the required areas of knowledge and skill development. Areas covered in the test include a written examination over knowledge acquired in EQS division freshman and sophomore level coursework. In addition, the practical applications of specialty grooming and turnout for seat-specific competition horses and riders are covered. Finally, riders in each seat are expected to demonstrate their horsemanship and presentation skills in a riding test that covers all of the basic skills that are fundamental to their individual disciplines. Proficiency testing is a 30-year tradition within the EQS Division that has been developed and refined by the teaching faculty. The test is not designed to keep anyone out of the EQS major, but to make certain that everyone who continues into the upper levels of coursework for the EQS major is “on the same page.”


  • Monday, March 3, 7 p.m. Written test in small classroom. Rider formal turnout after.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday, March 4-5: Riding tests

General Information