C-BASE Examination

Applicants for initial teacher certification must pass the four sections of the College Base examination (C-BASE). The C-BASE tests students on four academic areas - english, mathematics, social studies and science. The english section has two parts: reading and literature, and writing. Students are encouraged to take the test after completing 30 college credit hours.

The C-BASE exam is administered at William Woods and at other Missouri universities and colleges. The test is given statewide during five week long testing periods each academic year. William Woods does not participate in the summer administration of the exam. See the William Woods Education division office or its web site for details on test dates.

Students must pass all four sections of the C-BASE to be considered for admission to the William Woods Teacher Education Program, and to be recommended for teacher certification. It is not necessary to pass all four sections at the same setting. All sections must be passed within two years. If they are not, all previous scores are vacated, and the student needs to pass all four sections anew. Students may take the C-BASE as many times as they wish during the two years, but they may only take it once each testing period.

Information on the C-BASE exam is available  at  http://arc.missouri.edu/Content/CBASE/CBMO.aspx.
Select the Campus Assessment link on this page. This site includes a study guide and sample test questions.