Bachelor of Science in Management


Program Overview

WWU offers an online Bachelor of Science in Management degree program to adults interested in entering or advancing in the business world. Upon completion, graduates will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workforce as a more marketable professional. Qualified and knowledgeable managers are always in demand, making this program one of the most popular at WWU.

Degree Completion Program

William Woods University also offers the online Bachelor of Science in Management degree-completion program for those who already have an associate degree or 25 transferable credit-hours.

Admission Requirements

Freshman Applicants – for all undergraduate students

  • Completed application
  • High school transcript (or GED) with a 2.50 GPA and graduated in the top 50% of your class
  • Entrance Exam: ACT score of 19 or higher SAT score of 900 or higher
  • The WWU Admissions Committee may review student qualifications and conditionally/provisionally accept students who do not meet the minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and a minimum ACT or SAT I composite score of 19 or 890, respectively.

Degree-Completion applicants

  • A completed application form
  • Official transcripts from every high school or college attended (or GED) – unless you have an AA degree (not AAS)
  • 25 hours of transferable credits required

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees


Portfolio Verification-Life Learning Papers (per credit hour)


Portfolio Verification-Military (per credit hour)


Portfolio Verification-Professional Schools, Training and Seminars (per credit hour)


CLEP Fee (per credit hour)


Independent Study Fee (per credit hour)


Transcript Fee (per transcript)


Returned Check Fee (per check)


Graduation Fee


Tuition (Management, Paralegal) (per credit hour)


Tuition (Education, Social Work) (per credit hour)


Online Tuition (per credit hour)


Online Course Fee (per course)



BMT350 Financial Accounting

This course is a study of double-entry bookkeeping and accounting. You will learn from exercises chosen to illustrate special journals, trail balances, financial statements, the closing of books at the end of the fiscal period for single ownership business operation and analysis, accounting information systems and accounting principals as they apply to managers. 3 credits

BMT231 Risk Management and Insurance

This course is a study of basic ideas, problems, and principles found in all types of modern insurance and other methods of handling risk. An emphasis will be placed on the fundamental unifying elements of risk and insurance. 3 credits

BMT499 Managerial Policies and Strategies

This course serves as the capstone course for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. It integrates concepts, theories, and information from previous courses while providing the “big picture” of the operation of organizations. The course challenges you to apply strategic management principles and to think about and analyze causes of success or failure of various organizations. The course and the program culminate with the presentation of a comprehensive case analysis. 3 credits

BMT490 International Business and Marketing

The material in this course is focused on the managerial issues confronting executives as they plan, organize, staff, lead, and control the worldwide operations of a global company. 3 credits

BMT480 Legal Environment of Business

This course introduces you to the American legal system, including sources of law, the court systems, fundamental legal principles, and brief inquiries into several substantive areas of law. 3 credits

BMT475 Human Resources Administration

This course is a study of the effective recruitment, selection, utilization, and development of human resources from the viewpoint of the total enterprise. 3 credits

BMT468 Managerial Statistics

This course is designed to introduce basic statistical concepts essential for making business decisions. It will show you how statistical data should be handled and analyzed and how results of analysis should be interpreted and applied. 3 credits Prerequisites: MAT 099 or equivalent

BMT455 Applied Economics for Business

This course overviews the necessary economic theory for interpreting fundamental budgeting issues. Emphasis is placed on identifying and understanding macroeconomics and microeconomics as they influence working organizations in emphasized. 3 credits

BMT450 Marketing Analysis and Research

This course explores the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, or services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. 3 credits

BMT439 Managerial Ethics

This problems-oriented philosophy course focuses on moral issues in the business world. Topics such as corporate responsibility, governmental regulation, advertising ethics, quality control, reverse discrimination, and employee rights are explored. 3 credits

BMT421 Systems Management

This survey course prepares you for a role in managing information resources. Topics covered include systems development, acquisition, control, organization, and the computer-processing environment. 3 credits

BMT321 Managerial Communications

The course reviews the skills needed to effectively communicate in a business organization. These skills include the writing process, composing written messages, as well as verbal and non-verbal skills. This course concentrates on active student participation through real-world techniques, such as on-the-job simulations and company case studies. There will be many speaking opportunities, both planned and extemporaneous. Emphasis will be placed on the six vital themes that recur throughout the course: open communication climate, ethics, intercultural messages, technological tools, audience-centered thinking, and efficient message flow. 3 credits

BMT310 Management and Leadership

This course serves as an orientation to management through the study of selected managerial topics and their application to contemporary management situations. 3 credits

BMT440 Financial Management

This course overviews the two main areas of finance: investments and financial markets, and the financial management of companies. This is an introductory course. No previous knowledge of finance is assumed. Some familiarity with basic accounting principles is helpful. 3 credits

Next Steps

Making Education Accessible for Working Professionals

WWU programs can be brought to any community within Missouri and select communities in Arkansas. We would appreciate the opportunity to bring a degree program to your hometown. If there is interest in your area, call 1.800.995.3199 or email today!

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How do I register for classes?

After you have been accepted into your program of study, you will be registered for all courses listed on your cohort calendar. Your academic adviser will answer any questions about potential schedule changes once you have started the program.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available to most students. To start this quick and easy process, simply complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at, and enter the WWU school code 002525.