Business Administration Major

Computer labA business administration degree will equip you with the "tools" to understand today’s business enterprise and the role of business in our global society. It is the most popular degree on college and university campuses today. Our program prepares you to apply knowledge and to anticipate change, not merely react to it.

With our 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio, you’ll find plenty of personal attention in class and in advisement. In addition, our faculty average more than 15 years of "hands-on" experience. For example, members of our faculty include:

  • A business instructor who has owned and operated her own start-up enterprise
  • Two MIS instructors who have owned and operated their own technology businesses
  • Economics instructors who have worked in private consulting and in government research agencies



When you complete the WWU accounting program, you will be prepared for careers in business and industry accounting, internal auditing, government accounting, not-for-profit accounting and management. You will also be eligible to pursue graduate studies in accounting or business.

Economics and Finance

As an economics student, you will learn basic economic principles and analytical concepts and how to apply the concepts to solve economic problems. You will have the opportunity to take classes that explore the investment field and examine the workings of various financial markets and the insurance industry. In addition, your professors will work with you to create a personal financial plan.


Management courses at WWU are taught by faculty members with many years of managerial experience in a variety of business settings. Besides classroom lectures, emphasis is placed on discussion of current events reported in the business press, actual case studies and visiting speakers from various specialty areas.

Management Information Systems

The goal of the management information systems (MIS) concentration is to teach future managers how to use information systems (IS) and technology (IT) to help organizations and individuals perform more efficiently and effectively.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing at WWU focuses on the critical steps you must follow to see your business succeed. Firms that wish to survive must adopt a strong marketing foundation. This concentration prepares you to play an important part in your firm’s future. Because advertising plays such a vital role in today’s marketing plans, advertising and marketing have been combined into a concentration within business administration.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration comprises 63 credits, including 15 credits from one of the concentrations below. This degree does not require a minor.

MBA in 5

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with the MBA track comprises 45 credits, with 3 coming from electives, and 12 MBA credits. This degree does not require a minor. Learn More