• Brenda Popp Business Professor
  • New York

When William Woods University says "student-centered," we mean it. The business division works hard to make sure students learn theory, but then allows them the opportunity to integrate their skills into real-world situations.

Students wanted a new place to meet for coffee and snacks and to have access to technology...so they got it. The business division facilitated their idea into a student-managed coffee shop. The entrepreneurship class designed and collected survery data, compiled that data and presented the business plans for the shop. An accounting major was assigned as a startup manager, a management information systems major handles all technology issues, a student from the website development class designed, developed and uploaded the coffee shop's website, while other students are actively engaged in managing the daily operations of the shop.

This student project creates an environment that is specific to student wants and needs, while incorporating skills learned in the classroom into a business setting.