Theatre Major

PlayThe theatre program at WWU will train you in all aspects of theatre, focusing on performance, theatre technology and musical theatre. We also offer theatre education to prepare future drama teachers. Even as a freshman, you have opportunities for immediate main stage experience because we show no preferences in casting. You gain valuable experience in four main stage productions, student laboratory productions and other performance/technical opportunities. You will get to work with a variety of guest directors and designers. The theatre major balances a strong academic program with a co-curricular production season and an annual portfolio review. Minors available include theatre and music.

Students who major in Theatre at WWU take a core group of courses in Theatre. In addition, they choose one of the concentration areas below.


Musical Theatre



Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre comprises 45 credits, requires a minor and a year of college level foreign language. Majors associated with the bachelor of arts are most appropriate to students seeking a liberal-learning, pre-professional or graduate school orientation.