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Kyle Gabrielson

Class of 2018

Kyle Gabrielson 2018

Hometown: Liberty, Missouri

High School: Liberty High School

Major: Athletic Training, with a minor in Business Administration

Campus Activities: Phonathon (supervisor), Phi Gamma Delta (scholarship chair), and the Cross Country and Track team

What are your career plans?

I would like to work in a high school setting and cross country. Long term, I like to go to occupational therapy school.

Why did you come to William Woods?

The small community feel really drew me to campus, as well as the diverse selection of majors and the cross country program.

What is one word you’d use to describe William Woods?

Full. You can do whatever you want at the school, and there are people that can help you.

What has been your favorite class?

I am currently in a film genres class. It’s a general education class, but it really makes you academically analyze movies in popular culture.

What has been your favorite LEAD event?

We had a lady come to campus who completed a full Iron-Man while going through colon cancer. She gave a really good message to college kids about perseverance and it spoke to a lot of us, I think.

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you first started at William Woods?

Do not measure your success by how busy you are. Everyone is busy, and you don’t want to wear yourself out. Take time for yourself. Enjoy the 30-minute power naps, and Sunday morning coffee with your window open.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about you?

I wish more people understood the physical toll of being a collegiate athlete. Balancing classes, practice, weights, work, and 200 clinical hours for my major is overwhelming.

Have you ever had a fun nickname?

Since my sophomore year in high school, I was called “Patty”. My middle name is Patrick, so the name just kind of stuck. But no one at WWU calls me that.

What is your favorite thing in your room?

I have an autographed Lady Gaga photo.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The pool in Dulaney.

Where do you like to study?

If I really am crunched for time, I like going to the upper level of the campus center (plus they’re getting macs up there so that’s nice.)

What is a typical weekday like for you at William Woods?

Wake up at 5:30am and go to practice at 6am. Maybe eat breakfast/shower before my 8am class. Class again. Weights at 11. Lunch. Clinical hours. Practice 3-5. Work from 6-9. Sleep.

What is your favorite place in Fulton?

I like all of the little antique stores in the Brick District.

What has surprised you the most about going to school at William Woods?

Everyone on campus is so willing to help

What has been the most challenging part of college?

Time management, and balancing all aspects of everyday life.

What is one word your friends would use to describe you?


What is your favorite memory of your time here at William Woods so far?

When I first came on campus, only the cross country team was on campus, so we all played hide and seek inside one of the dorm buildings.

Who is your favorite faculty or staff member? Why?

Cindy Robb. She has a vast amount of knowledge in her industry field, and she makes class fun by engaging all students in a variety of activities. She also cares about all of her students like they are one of her own kids.

What is your superpower?

Being a leader